Restaurant Eviru

4904 Rosebud Avenue, AR

Great Food. Friendly Service. Loving Family

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If you got bored of sterile, soulless restaurants with stuck-up waiters and bland meals, come to us to see something different. If you are fed up with little tavernas where the staff is loud is cocky, and the food is too spicy, come and see us. We will offer you a perfect mixture of quality service and tasty, home-made meals. In our restaurant, the staff is capable, friendly and professional.

Our range of dishes covers every corner of the world. We prepare a variety of meals so that everyone can find something for himself. Have a wonderful night with your loved ones and enjoy a few of our meals. We can assure you that you will keep coming back.

Meet The Team


Amanda Nolte


The person who brought the idea of our restaurant to life is Amanda Nolte. She comes from a long line of restaurant owners, and she has the perfect background for the business. She learned early that the key to success is to pick up something everywhere you go. Now, there is nothing that can surprise and she can tackle any problem. One thing she likes to point out to employees is that the most important thing when working in a restaurant is the customer. This idea led her to success, and she stays true to it.

Head Chef


Head Chef

Of course, there always has to be a leader, but there is no success without a good team. And the leader of the team which holds the restaurant together is our head chef. He worked in restaurants all over the world and learned from the best. Today, he is one of the most respected chefs on the continent. He applies his knowledge and experience every day to create fun, tasty and seductive meals which keep bringing customers back all the time. From time to time, you will see him converse with customers to get as much feedback as possible so he can improve his creations.