About Us


Opening a restaurant is a dream of many people. Not that many have the chance to make that dream come true. Thanks to a couple of good ideas, a truckload of hard work and the persistence of our team, we joined the privileged few who made their dreams reality.

At first, everything was difficult and complicated. But we knew that our project was something that has a future, something that is worth investing our time and money in and something that will produce results. Quickly enough, our customers spread the word, and the restaurant kicked off to a great start. Today, we are one of the most successful restaurants in Madrid, and we attract hundreds of people every day.

Our range of dishes is unprecedented, and we can safely say that there is no other place in Madrid with such a myriad of food. From country to country and from continent to continent, we aim to please every guest who walks into our establishment. Therefore, we aim to hire people from all over the globe so that they can bring in their culinary secrets and add more value to our restaurant.

Furthermore, we take special care to hire only the best staff because our goal is to provide not just a culinary treat, but a complete service. Our waiters are professionals, trained in many languages and prepared to take on any problem which can appear in a restaurant. Having a good staff is a prerequisite for success, and we stand firmly behind this rule.

Finally, the years of experience in the restaurant business taught us that the key to a successful business is constant learning. Every day is a new challenge and a chance to learn something new. With such attitude, you cannot go wrong.