Dishes you must try when in Madrid

The history of this town brings in visitors from all over the world. Just as Madrid can claim thousands of years of history, so can Spanish cuisine. The way the Spanish prepare their food has been evolving for centuries now, but it kept the spirit of the ancient times. Today, Madrid is the center of culinary events in Spain and the place where you can try something from every corner of Spain, from the sunny Andalusia in the south to the mountainous Basque country in the north.

Keep reading, and we will tell you a bit more about some of the dishes we liked the most, the quintessential Spanish dishes you just must not avoid. Also, since Madrid has such a great choice of restaurants and we particularly liked Peruvian cuisine so make sure to try out something Peruvian when in Madrid. We can recommend Kuoco 360 Food, the place with a modern twist and La Candelita, where will find some Caribbean delicacies as well. Also, head out to the Tampa.


What is Spain without paella? The meal enjoyed across the continents which have a lot of variations. You can prepare paella with chicken, rabbit and even seafood. But one thing paella cannot exist without is the most expensive spice in the world: saffron. Luckily, you need only a pinch. So, make sure you don’t leave Madrid before you had paella.


It can’t be any simpler than a few potatoes fried in olive oil and the topped with some brava sauce. But it’s so delicious! Just make sure you ask for extra crispy spuds.

Jamon Iberico

Find a Spanish person who does not enjoy ham. Well, good luck. There are cafes in Madrid where you can eat nothing but Jamon. There is a museum of ham, for heaven’s sake. The famous Iberian pigs eat nothing but acorns, hence the wonderful aroma after almost two years of curing. Every ham is classified according to the pig’s diet and location. It would be a sin to miss out on a good couple of slices of ham when you visit Madrid.


The lovely balls of fried béchamel are a heavenly treat. There are hundreds of different types, but Madrid is the capital of the best croquetas. You eat them as tapas, and they can be flavored in many ways. The most popular flavors are beef, chicken, ham and goats cheese.