Is Spanish Cuisine The Best In The World Right Now?

We’ve had decades of French rule, then came the Italians, then the Chinese. Today, we can safely say that Spanish dishes are taking over the culinary world, thanks to a combination of spices, fresh vegies and, of course, the glorious meats led by the legendary Jamon.

If you still haven’t figured out who your favorite is, try something Spanish. Go for some tapas or some Bravas potatoes. Try out the Iberica pig ham or some stuffed mussels. You will see where we’re heading in a heartbeat. Let’s throw out some numbers to put things into perspective. Spain has exported more than 30 billion dollars worth of food products every year since 2012. This amounts to more than 15% of total exports from this Mediterranean country.

Perfect places to try Spanish food

Obviously, if we told you that you should travel to Seville or San Sebastian to try some Spanish food, you would not be surprised. But we are not here to state the obvious. We will send you all the way to Hong Kong where people rush to Spanish restaurants to try out the paella. Many Spanish restaurants are fully booked, all over the Far East. Apparently, the Chinese and the Japanese went crazy for the taste of Iberia and they can’t seem to get enough. Also, more and more Spanish restaurants keep springing up all over South America, which is kind of expected, but also in Australia and Eastern Europe.

Pushing the Italians and the French aside

One of the reasons Spanish food has had so much success in the past couple of years is something that is not exactly related to taste. Many experts state that people today seek something more than just a tasty meal. They want to have a good time with their friends, and something like a tapas is a way to connect the dots. Tapas are shared and eaten by a group of people, and the way they are consumed creates a perfect setting for a dinner outside of the house, but with a home feel.

Spanish chefs, led by the legendary Ferran Adria of the elBulli, are creating a new paradigm. Some say that the crown has passed on from the Italians and that the leading position already belongs to the Spanish. The culinary revolution is still on the move, and the Spaniards are holding the steering wheel.